Quality vs. Quantity

So I'm going to meet my goal of 365 posts for 2007. This much is obvious. I'm at 349 (after this post) and would just have to post every other day in December to blow it out of the water, not unlike the Lusitania. (Zing! WW1 joke, baby!)

This leaves me in the interesting position of reworking my posting schedule. See, with the threat of not hitting my (admittedly weird) personal goal of 365 posts in 365 days (which was initially intended as a joke, but turned really serious somewhere along the line... which reminds me of sunglasses*), I have relaxed a little, post-wise. Which isn't a bad thing, what with the preponderance of holidays cominatcha.

See, it's almost 2008, which means I really need to do some Christmas shopping. It also means that I need to think about how I'm gonna attack this blog in the coming year. And I don't mean nunchucks vs. bo staff. Though that would rock it to Russia, indeed.

Here are some things I'm considering for the BRR in the 08. Lemme know what you think with your juicy, delicious comments:

* Maintain a regular posting schedule. Whether it's something small daily-ish, a Monday-Wednesday-Friday type of thing (while still continuing with a POW! on the weekend and AOK! and ...Bedside Table updates on Sunday) or a juicy, meatier once-a-week post, I'd like to settle into a regular routine. I set up a poll in the sidebar to gather your feedback. Because I love democracy. Truly I am the Thomas Jefferson of the Internets, and not only because I have a thing for white wigs, pantaloons and the writings of John Locke. (You thought I was gonna make a joke about how TJ liked the sistahs, didn't you? Well, I didn't. This is a classy joint. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to make some jokes about animal excrement.)

* Longer pieces monthly. Whether it's a longer review, essay or a short story, I'd like to write longer pieces on a monthly basis. I don't know if it would be worth it to post it here or just link to a Google Docs/Group page as a downloadable pdf, as personally, I have a hard time reading a lot on screen and try - ofttimes unsuccessfully - to keep my paragraphs and posts short for screen reading.

* Monthly mixtape giveaways. Most likely on a first-come, first-served basis, although I'm open for suggestions. I'd make anywhere from one to five mixtapes and give 'em to the first commenters. Or should I draw names? Lemme know what you think.

*Finally, more pictures of kittens. And jokes about dinosaur genitalia. And Angelina Jolie's broad shoulders. And the fact that Barry Manilow looks a lot like what I would expect Death to look like.

Also, lots of parenthesis.

Basically, more of the same. Only sort of different. Better.

Now is your chance to make this blog better. Is there anything I'm not blogging about that I should be? Should BRR Goes To the Movies be a weekly/bi-weekly feature? Too much music criticism? Not enough? How about some esoteric art/design stuff? More comics? Less comics? Just enough comics? I'm thinking about posting a Weekly Random Comic Panel in the sidebar - what do you think? Are the Quotes For the Day posts worth it? As the "dad" on this roadtrip, I decide when we stop and we are not stopping once we get on the freeway. It's along way to Disneyland so you'd better get it all out now. Don't make me come back there. I will take my belt off.

Well, so much for being brief for on-screen reading. Until next time, Internets. Peace.

* The sunglasses involved were a pair of Elvis-esque glasses (see picture, above) that I bought on Venice Beach that ended up becoming my "real life" glasses after starting off as a goof. So, if you were driving around Vegas six to seven years ago and saw a pasty kid rocking out with giant fake gold Elvis glasses in a white pickup - that was me. I was that masked man.


Candace said...

i think you need to update from kittens to woodland animals.

owls, birds, deer, hedgehogs....they're all the rage right now.

b3n said...

I like BRR Goes To The Movies. I also like the comic posts (with links), and music reviews.

Patti said...

Blog daily. Please.