So, things have been hectic here at BRR-HQ in preparation for the holidays. We head out tomorrow for sunny Las Vegas for the week to see the family and, hopefully, sleep a little bit. One of the things I'll be packing is this poster for Huston's band:

Freakin' Frog on the 29th. I'll be there, rocking &/or rolling. I made six color variations (ROYGBV, baby), so look for them at finer public places/men's restroom walls in the LV Metropolitan area. Hopefully we'll get some good photos of the series. I likes 'em. Can you tell I like 2001: A Space Odyssey? Because I do.

Next week I'll be taking a little break for the holidays but should have a few things to post ("the big old monster of a post" referred to in previous posts which has become so big and monstrous it will be split into numerous posts) which, hopefully, should result in some scuttlebutt (what a great word), so check in every now and then between presents and turkey and watching A Christmas Story for like the millionth time.


huston/lilia said...

these is awesome.

b3n said...

Yay, A Christmas Story!!