BRR Goes To the Movies - Oh. Hecks. Yeah. Edition.

Okay, so apparently JJ Abrams has been stealing my mind juice because everything he does (well, except for Felicity) is right up my alley. "My alley" being nerd-tasticness done properly. So it should come as no surprise that his latest feature film, the bizarrely named Cloverfield (which sounds like a dairy company, doesn't it? "Try Cloverfield's fat free cottage cheese today. It's delicious and cottagey.") which, according to internet speculation (which is a given with an Abrams property) is supposedly a Godzilla movie with some sort of Cthulu connection. (And given the reliability of internet speculation, means it's probably about, well, cottage cheese.) Basically, it's a giant rampaging monster movie done right. Your "Awesome Sense" should be tingling by now.

Here's the official site which has a better version of the trailer as well as the Blair Witch-esque teaser. And if you're really brave, you can start looking into the ARG that's been going on around this. It's pretty nuts. (And I just read a little bit about it.)

Speaking of JJ Abrams, we watched the first disc of Alias (mainly because Jesse wouldn't stop making fun of me until I did) and while it didn't knock my proverbial socks off, I enjoyed it enough to stick with it. Which is a whole lot more than I can say for the "obviously trying really hard to be Alias but with way more, like, crying and feelings and stuff" that was (is?) Bionic Woman or the first discs of either Heroes or 24. So, yeah, it's a winner, I guess.

Until next week, balcony = closed.

UPDATED: So no sooner had I posted this, that I stumbled onto this:

Nerdglee = 11


b3n said...

Oh Snap. It has a name now. We've been speculating on this thing since the first teaser, the one where the dude is going to Japan when something decides to knock the Statue of Liberty's FACE OFF.



chrishaley said...

I dug Alias too.. once I gave it a chance.