Whitest Boys Alive

A hand-animated video for the Whitest Boy Alive's "Golden Cage" from their album Dreams which I was able to download because my main man Ryan "the Castlerocker" Adams hooked me up with some iTunes downloads. Because he is awesome like that. This isn't the official video. It's better than the official video.


knoffhoff said...

actually this is the "official video". its also added to the mexican version of the album, released by noiselab.
the other one (with the stupid optical illusions) won a video contest for italian mtv but this was not the bands decision..
so this is the real shit!
knoffhoff (knows it all)

Dylan said...

I thought it looked too well-made to not be official. That optical illusions one is... yeah, pretty lame. It's nice to know that Italian MTV is just as clueless as it's American counterpart.

Thanks, Knoffhoff, you mystery person, you.... you truly do know all.