Nuggets From My Mind Box

I have a big old monster of a post in the works, so I'll just leave you with some little tidbits in the meantime:

* If you want your three-year-old to sleep like a rock, make her Christmas carol at an old folks home. Those places are like saunas with slightly less gross naked old people.

* I am terrified of old folks homes. And snakes.

* Being a Mormon myself, I find this whole Mitt Romney thing to be a little surreal. It's sort of like walking into a room and overhearing people talking candidly about you. Some of what they say is right on, some of it is totally weird and some is downright false and you're left thinking, "is that what people really think of me?" Makes you feel a little self conscious.

* Patti's post made me want some Red Vines real bad.

* If you're ever stuck trying to think of something funny to say, find a way to use the words "elven cloak" in a sentence. Guaranteed laughs or your money back. This also works with the word "crack."

* I want to eat little chocolate donuts every day of my life.

* When in doubt, kick it in the nards as hard as you can. Works for me.

* What's the point of poodles?

* Of all of the ways you can die, I think the worst would be to be eaten alive by naked mole rats. Or by naked old people.

* I think John Shaft could easily kick Chuck Norris' behind, any day.

* This is the cutest thing I have ever seen since that time I saw a kitten with butterfly wings and a halo riding a unicorn through a land of rainbows and cherubs.

And finally...

* There's no such thing as too much gravy.

Until next time, cats & kittens.


Patti said...

Yes to the Romney thing. You said it perfectly.

And I would like to eat candy every day. Every single day. All kinds.

rose said...

i agree that being eaten by naked mole rats = worst death possible. i am cringing just at the thought of it.

chrishaley said...

Well, great, now I need Red Vines.

Dylan said...

Chris, everyone does. It's why we have mouths.

Candace said...

Nuggets....hee hee

huston/lilia said...

wow people are off to the races early today. i guess they all want that mixtape. not me though, i comment based on sheer desire to converse with my brother.

jason quinones said...

Q. what's the point of poodles?

A. poodles make you appreciate the sheer awesomeness of bulldogs even more!

b3n said...


/Is that contest still going?