Acting My Stone Age

Dang! It's been like mixtape central around here or something. I got Dance, White People! Dance! off to my wonderful Mixtapery peeps, and suddenly I get an irresistible hankering to give another mix away to readers of this very web - based - log (I call it a "webasdlog" for short. Sort of catchy, right? Remember to roll the "R"s!)! I must have lost my mind or something, giving this stuff away. For free, even!

Anyway, my loss of higher mental functions is your gain because I want to give you some musical yumminess for your ears. It is like delicious ice cream for your ears only it's music. For your ears. And you can't eat it. Just listen to it. Please don't eat it, no matter how delicious it sounds.

I have three - that's right! Three! - mixtapes up for grabs. To enter, simply leave me a comment. Now is your chance to show some comment love to the Big Red Robot. Your love is his food. Lurkers, you're welcome to step out of the shadows and comment, too. And take off that ridiculous hat and fake mustache. You aren't fooling anyone. We could totally see you hiding there, looking all nonchalant and stuff.

RULES! (Because without them society would fall apart, I don't care what Alan Moore and his crazy hippie wizard beard say.) You will receive one entry for each comment you leave, so the more you comment, the better your chances of getting the goodness in your mailbox.

The winner will be selected by the very scientific process of a neutral third party (preferably someone Swiss, though a Swede will do in a pinch) pulling a slip of paper out of an empty formula canister or a cowboy hat or the open mouth of a Venus Fly Trap or a bowl made from finest crystal or a tauntaun carcass... whatever is at hand. Most likely a formula canister, but who knows. If you're mixtape smells faintly like freshly carved tauntaun, you know why. You have been warned.

Saturday's post will be the last one eligible for the drawering. I will travel back in time using sophisticated tekmology™ full of squiggles and Kirby Krackle and open this up for any post this week, December 9th through the 15th. We clear?


Now, I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but this is a pretty dang good mix. A really nice flow. In fact, it's all flow. Dude! Normally I have some sort of overarching theme, but this one was built entirely on transitions, so, yeah, pretty mind-blowing stuff. It's called (We Can't Stand Your) Modern Music and it features cuts from the following artists:

* Black Mountain
* Jonathan Richman
* The Walkmen
* The Breeders
* The Flaming Lips
* Ben Folds (some PG-language here: Mr. Folds drops an S-bomb or two, if you're concerned about that sort of thing. Earmuffs!)
* David Byrne
* Sloan
* Beck (it's another track from The Information. Can you tell that I love that album?)
* Wolf Parade
* Islands
* Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
* A.C. Newman
* Elliott Smith
* Violent Femmes

I'm pretty proud of this one, as I somehow managed to make a mixtape without a single track from Guided By Voices or Yo La Tengo! I'm sure the Indie Cool Squad will rough me up something fierce behind some record store or vegan waffle house or whatever the cool kids are into these days (with their baggy pants and their hop-hop music and their loud stereos and their Cross Colors clothing and whatnot! Hey! Stay off of my lawn!), but I live my life on the edge. Because I am living the thug life. Fo shizzle.

I'll post covers, etc. once the winners are announced. As usual, Candace is exempt because, well, she's getting one anyway because she's my special lady-friend. Anybody else though - it's fair game. It is on like unto Donkey Kong. Let's play some ball, internets!


rose said...

am i the first to comment?
"what what?" she says, with her hands up in the air like she just don't care.
i still owe you my mixtape for my bday contest, oh, 2 months back. you may have forgotten but i have not.
however, i must say i am a little intimidated to showcase my mix, as the todd family has put out some pretty sweet mixed tapes lately.
whoever wins this contest is in for a treat.

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

ditto on what Rose said about the mixtapes thus far. I loved it, so come on people comment here. You are in for a real treat!

Dave L said...

This post was great fun to read. And on top of that, I can win some sweet ear ice cream!!

jason quinones said...

now...are these ACTUAL mix tapes,pain stakingly made with analog cassettes with your fingers hovering over the stop/play/record buttons looking for the perfect pause to flawlessly intro the next track onto


are you fakin' da funk(as the young people like to used to say) and just recording a soulless compact disc of mixed songs and calling it a "mixtape" for that sense of hipster nostalgia??

i'm asking only because i just recently tried to play an old mixtape of mine just to find out that the cassette player in my stereo is broken! when did this happen,i don't know. i'm guessing one of those hobos with gingivitis did it. they do tend to get around.

Dylan said...

Jason, I'm a total funk-faker. You caught me. As much as I love the handcrafted-ness of the tape-hissy analog cassette, it's a CD. "MixCD" sounds lame. Welcome to the future.

jason quinones said...

tape or cd,it's all good man!

the term "mixcd" does sounds pretty douchey!

¡viva la progress!

b3n said...

I will not comment just to win a mixtape. I will think of something relevant to say and make a quirky statement that knocks your collective socks off.

Next time.

Jesse said...

i'm all about the comment to win ethic.

Jesse said...

Hey Dyl awesome dance white boy dance by the way

Jesse said...

Hey Dyl you guys staying out east for Christmas? is it like on that episode of 30 Rock last year when Floyd and Liz Lemon (have to say the whole name every time) go back to the city that rocks? Do you guys dance in the street on your lunch breaks?

Jesse said...

Hey Dyl I just realized there's some kind of contest on your blog this month. That's cool.

Jesse said...

Hey Dyl - me again. just wanted to correct my last entry...the contest is this WEEK, not this MONTH.

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

you can never say just "liz", jesse, it always has to be "liz lemon"
love 30 rock!

Dylan said...

I prefer just "Lemon," in my best Jack Donaghy voice.

Also, Jesse,, you're a dirty cheater. But you got moxie.

Caitlin said...

I'll be honest - I'm just commenting to win. Come on, I'll give you 5. Not money 5, a high five, you know when you slap hands.

courtnee said...

I must say I love all the "30 Rock" comments...I will be honest I just started watching this show 3 weeks ago thanks to you saying how funny it is. I am totally bummed that I have been missing this non-stop laughter every thursday night. Thanks for forcing me to jump on the 30 Rock bandwagon.

Oh, and did I mention I want one of those mixtapes.

Dylan said...

Courtnee, it's always good to hear from you. And you're in luck! Thanks to heartless b@$+@rds at the AMPTP, you'll have plenty of time to catch up on 30 Rock, because last night's episode was the last one for a while.

And Caitlin, you know I'm a sucker for high fives.