The Belt & the Title

I feel a little weird posting this after bribing you with music for comments (feels a little like compliment-fishing, but whatevs), but I finished a Battle Of the unBands poster from the last round. It's for the fake band Dead Writers, who won the Battle against Robots Of Love and Butterscotch Brides. Here's the poster:

There's another poll in the sidebar. The three bands competing this round are:

* Deadly Venoms
* Coat Of Static
* Dynamite Drills

Cast your vote. Leave a comment about who you're voting for and why and may the best fake band win.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, this looks promising. This is the kind of book Casey would really excel on, a low-rent Avengers with characters he can play around with. Sounds tailor-made, dunnit? I just wish the preview art looked stronger. (Admittedly, it's un-inked pencils, so we'll see how they clean up, but look at that second panel! Dude's fist is almost as big as his head! I'd have a doctor look at that, like stat.)


huston/lilia said...

hey brother i'd call you back but it's far too late. finished my last final tonight. call me tomorrow. i need a cool flier for a show and i hear you're the man for the job.

Erin said...

definately "coat of static" wins here. the other two sound too angry for my taste.

b3n said...

We call it "comment whoring" in the internet business.

But that's cool, comment fishing is a nice way of putting it. Now that I've commented, I'm going to read your post.

/BTW, isn't Kerouac dead? That's kindof strange that you'd make a poster about a dead writer...

//yes, it's sarcasm.

rose said...

it was between dynamite drills & coat of static for me. i decided on dynamite drills because i like the word dynamite.

Allen TenBusschen said...

I'm intimidated by all the band names, so i am just going to say I really like the poster, you are graphic design juggernaut!

Erin said...
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Dave L said...

Deadly venoms sounds like an angry girl band. For some reason dynamite drills just doesn't do it for me. Coat of static sounds the best.

Jesse said...

deadly venoms too simple, coat of statc too dark, dynamite drills = the winner. sounds like a garagey, white-stripesy, bluesy, raw rock'n'roll trio. with an occasional pan flute and plenty of cowbell!