Setting Up Shop On the Information Superhighway

Okay, so one of my New Year's goals was to open an Etsy shop. And I have busted that goal like a Sponge Bob piñata at an eight-year-old's birthday party. And just look at the goodies that poured out of the gash in ol' Squarepants' head. The shop is called Tuff Industries and it's sort of the reason this place has been a little quiet lately.

So come on in to the factory and take a look at how the magic gets made. See the barely-oiled machines whir and clank, their gears and blades spinning at borderline unsafe speeds. Hear the crack of the supervisor's whip, refusing to let the workers stop or slow, unwilling to let the tin lunch boxes full of longing, despair and regret be opened until quotas are met and products produced. Smell the industriousness. Smells nice, right? Like old baseball mitts your granddad's aftershave and the broken dreams of children forced to work in grossly unsafe conditions.

All this exists for one purpose: to bring you the best in ridiculous posters and other products (but just posters for now).

So far, I have three (I know, lots, right?!) posters listed, with a metric buttload more to come, once Chinese New Year wraps up. This first one's titled No Mo Jibba Jabba and it features my personal hero, Mister T. I pity the fool who doesn't have this hanging on their wall.

And then there's this puppy, Snap, Crackle & Pop (disclaimer: not an actual puppy) for the vinyl lover in your life:

Then there's this guy, the first in a series I've entitled My Peeps. This guy's "The Party Boss," and he really wants you to start the party. Like, right now. Or you're freaking fired.

Keep checking back for more additions and maybe something special to celebrate the grand opening of the Tuff Industries Factory Of Industrial Tuffness and for the love of Pete, tell your friends! Eat our industriousness, Recession!

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