Like Rabbits

Just in case you're not subscribed to both of our blogs, my lovely wife Candace posted these bunnies that we collaborated on. They're for the girls' Easter baskets:

My sketch. Her stitch. I love working with this lady. She's aces.

In other news, I posted a mix to the Master List from a former classmate of mine, Mister Scott Shipley. You can download it here. I have like three mixxes half-finished, but I think next month's is gonna be titled American Music. Anybody else out there makin' mixxes? Let me know.

Also, I did a little My morning Soundtrack thing yesterday. Now that the weather's getting better and I can walk to the train station easier, I may try and do these more regularly. What do you think? Good idea or totally dumb?

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Man Called Sun said...

My May '09 mix is done. I'm tossing around two very different sounding mixes for June - not yet sure which will make the cut. One sounds like your coasting on high altitude updrafts,the other is covered in slobber and reeks of rubbing alcohol.

And yes, create morning mixes - they will make or break your day. I find that when I listen to Sounds From The Ground's "Luminal" album on the drive in the day seems much more manageable - All the little things slide right off.