Just Like They Did It In the Movies

So, the big thing in my life these past few months has been crafting the image campaign for the Cleveland International Film Festival, and, once that was complete, attending said festival. So it was while occupying this cinematic headspace that I pulled together this month's mix, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 20 songs about movies, the people who watch movies and the people involved in making movies. Moviesmoviesmovies. Tracks from Okkervill River, Sloan, Wire, the Brothers Palace and Everly, Cake and loads more. Download it here and let me know once you do.

And while I'm on the subject of mixxes, check out Nick's mix: MeatBrain. I'm downloading it as I type this. Exciting, right?! Did anybody else get one done this month? If so, send me the link and I'll add it to the Master List.


jason quinones said...

i've not downloaded any mixxes lately only because i'm like TOTALLY lazy.

but your latest mixtape cover kicks a$$ though!

Man Called Sun said...

I love the Sloan song as well as the Sloan album that said Sloan song is on.