My Morning Soundtrack - 04.23.09

* "Everywhere With Helicopter," by Guided By Voices, from the album Universal Truths And Cycles
* "Peace of Mind," by Enon, from the album Grass Geysers Carbon Clouds
* "Paradise," by Meat Puppets, from the album Huevos
* "Heart's Arms," by Bonnie "Prince" Billy, from the album Beware
* "Doctor Dark," by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, from the album Lick My Decals Off, Baby
* "Water On The Brain," by The Hollies, from the album Evolution
* "Zurich Your Shoulder," by dj n-wee (Jay-Z vs. Pavement), from the album The Slack Album
* "Keys To Your Heart (Version 2)," by The 101'ers, from the album Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited
* "Phantom Anthills," by Chad VanGaalen, from the album Soft Airplane


jason quinones said...

where can one find this jay-z/ pavement mash up album??

i recently downloaded (for free!!!)a very cool jay-z/radiohead mash up cd over at


i'm listening to it a lot lately.

Dylan said...

Jason, you can download The Slack album here. Pretty radical stuff. I'll check out the Jaydiohead mix. It's funny, but I have two of these Jay-Z mash-up albums (this one and Beatles/Jay-Z/Danger Mouse mash-up The Grey Album) and, truth be told, I don't even like Jay-Z.

jason quinones said...

if you like radiohead at all you'll prob dig the jaydiohead album. truth be told i'm only a fairweather fan when it comes to jay-z. there are better rappers out there.

any jay-z stuff i have is "remixed"
or unplugged. his mtv unplugged album is especially good as the backing band behind him are The Roots...and they're an amazing group!

this might be overstepping my bounds but i'll ask...

is there any way you can send me (like by media fire or something) the jay-z/danger mouse album???

feel free to say no. not a big deal.

Dylan said...

Go here. The internet is magic.

jason quinones said...

tried twice. failed twice. :(

the internet is mean.

Dylan said...

Hmmm. I'll send you a link.