BRR Bonus Mix :: July 008 :: Sludgerock 101

What is this?! A bonus mix?! Dang, that Dylan guy is so generous! And handsome. Very handsome. Uh, anyway...

Gotta get this one out of my system, so, bonus mix for you! From its genesis in the opiate haze of the Velvets and onto the trash glam of the Dolls, the fight rock of the Stooges and beyond, punk rock crawled out of garages the whole world over, punching us in the collective face and stealing our girlfriend. How can you argue with something so primitive? It's like reasoning with Frankenstein's monster.

Download it here.

01. "I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm"
02. "Don't need no mom and dad"
03. "I don't even know my name"
04. "I'm throwing up in the hall"
05. "There's gonna be a new race"
06. "No matter what you do or say"
07. "You make me feel just like a savage"
08. "I only get sleepless nights"
09. "It's gonna drive me insane"
10. "Put on our best frowns"
11. "A rock n roll nurse went into my head"
12. "I hate music"
13. "Do the alligator"
14. "I just gotta hear that band play"
15. "World ending, it's just beginning"
16. "Look out here, you pompous jerk"
17. "I need to shake it"
18. "Come on baby and bomb with the twist"
19. "Now I wish I was dead"
20. "Don't want you cause You're - A - Bore"


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