Dessert Island Disco, Day 1

The Beatles

Tough call, but I love this Beatles album the mostest. Picking the best Beatles album is pretty impossible, so I'm going with my favorite. Sgt. Pepper's is probably a better album and a more obvious choice, but the mixture of solid pop and reigned-in psychedelia on display here gets me every time. I mean, look at that track list. Can you find a song that isn't brilliant or that won't get old? Because I sure can't.

Plus, if you're going to be stuck on an island indefinitely, you need album art you can stare at for a while while you're waiting for your wild boar to cook so you can share a nice meal with your only friend, the bloody volleyball.


jason quinones said...

it's also the one album cover that can be easily (well maybe not easily but it will kill some time) replicated in the sand with a stick.

b3n said...

I had a dream about this last night. I was listening to music, and looking at the cover. I was totally digging that they eyes were the real Beatles eyes and then I realized that their lips were moving to the music. Like every other line or so, the lips of the faces on the cover would lip-sync to whatever I was listening to.

And then I remembered reading in your blog about the cover: "And when you realize that they sing with your music, it will keep you company for days."

True freaking story.

Dylan said...

Ben, you're freaking me out.