Don't Tease Me, Bro

Anybody curious what the art for August's mix looks like? Well, wonder no longer. It'll drop on the first of August. I'm really liking it. It took a little bit of getting into, but once I was in, it really shook out nicely. I'm excited to get your feedback on it. [Cough, cough! Give Dylan feedback on the mixes! Cough! Cough!] Whew. Sorry. Must have gotten something caught in my throat. I'm much better now. Thank you.

Also, the very first BRR mix is now posted in the sidebar. Remember that one? Aaah, we were so much younger then.

And I think that's all for the bonus mixxes. I'm pretty sure they're all archived now. Whew! Anybody downloaded any of them yet? Do you love them? How about high Five! or It Came From the Garage! or any of them, actually? Are the mixtapes in general worth your/my time? Please tell me. Won't you?


b3n said...

BigRedRobot (or Dylan... if that is your real name),

I have downloaded and enjoyed to the utmost every one of your mixes. To date, my favorite album is No Cars Go followed closely and may be overtaken by It Came From... THE GARAGE.

I, for one, think you should continue and make Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec mixes because then you'd have a whole year of mixes and that's just cool. And since I'll be quitting my job (hopefully) I'll be here (at school) more and thus will have more time to:

a) listen to your mixes
b) perhaps create a mix or two of my own or get into this whole ping pong mix you kids are getting into these days.

b3n (or Ben if you must know)

p.s. I downloaded Speed Racer The Movie for Harper and I love it. Before you hang your head in shame and consider a complete dialysis session to remove any of our shared blood (being family and all) I must say a few things:

a) I can love anything after watching it 5 or 6 times. If you don't believe me, take a good hard look at your weird liking of Episode 2.

b) Much of my enjoyment comes from watching Harper's face as he sees these cars race and flip and fly.

c) It's family entertainment. I didn't even know they made those movies outside of The Living Scriptures anymore.

d) I'm out of my ever-loving mind.



The length of this comment has made me think about getting one of these blogger things for myself someday.

Dylan said...

Ben, I'm definitely going to keep mixing it up through at least the end of the year. I'm just fishing for feedback.

And, well, both you and Chris liked Speed Racer so I may have to Redbox it one day. We'll see.

chrishaley said...

b3n - You may have the best avatar picture ever.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - I think I've spoken on numerous occasions of my love of your High Five! mix, but I also wanted to tell you that I've been getting a lot of very positive feedback on the Ping of Pong mix... so keep up the good work.

chrishaley said...

Oh, and Speed Racer is still my favorite movie of the summer so far.

b3n said...

Chris - I think we would probably be friends in real life.

chrishaley said...

b3n - I'd have to agree.

rose said...

i am guilty of downloading and not listening. there is no good reason for this because i think it is a cool idea and i've listened to some of your mixes, and i like what i hear. i need to change that behavior. & i hope you keep posting them.