Dessert Island Disco, Day 3

The Beach Boys

I bet you thought I was going to go with Pet Sounds, huh? While that's a masterpiece, and my love for it is well-documented, this is maybe my favorite Beach Boys album. Either this or Wild Honey and this one has Dennis' "Little Bird" on it, which is an amazing song, so Friends wins by a nose, I guess.

This is the album a genius makes when he's taken too many drugs and becomes a totally paranoid agoraphobic who lays in bed all day, getting out every once in a while to swim in the pool or write something like "Busy Doin' Nothin'" or "I Went To Sleep" (which can be heard on the BRR Monthly Mix Bed Is For Sleeping, available for download here absolutely free of charge). It's a very warm, laid-back, homey album that could be listened to repeatedly while laying in hammock somewhere, getting the heck sunburned out of oneself.

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