Dessert Island Disco, Day 6

Nilsson Schmilsson
Harry Nilsson

Harry Nilsson has my favorite voice in all of music ever. If you don't agree, just give a listen to "I'll Never Leave You" off of this album. It'll break your cold, cold heart. His voice on that track is like velvet. Sad, sad velvet.

I'm pretty sure I could listen to this one forever and ever and ever. From the upbeat opener, "Gotta Get Up" to "Driving Along" and "Jump Into the Fire", to the sad ballads like "The Moonbeam Song," or "Early In the Morning," this is a classic. If you don't own it, shame on you.

Plus, how awesome would it be to listen to "The Coconut Song" while eating an actual coconut?! Did I just blow your mind?

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Tao Jones said...

Did somebody mention Coconuts?