Dessert Island Disco, Day 2

Blonde On Blonde
Bob Dylan

I easily could have picked Bringin' It All Back Home or Highway 61 Revisited from Dylan's late-60's period, but this one's a double album and again, I love that cover.

It's a pretty fair description of Dylan at the time and the album in particular: totally out of focus, turned on its side and impatiently pissed off. It's so ridiculous, so apocalyptic, so thin and wild and speeding toward some terrible crash.

It's the perfect album for dropping boulders on Piggy.


Jesse said...

Isn't that a picture of Cate Blanchett?

chrishaley said...

I glanced at that picture and thought you had written a post about Doctor Who.

Dylan said...

Jesse, yes. Yes it is.

Chrism Doctor Who wishes he was that cool.Seriously, what is the deal with that show? I don't get it at all.

chrishaley said...

I dunno, man. I didn't get the appeal for a long time either, and looking at this collection of the first 8 morts I can see why no one else would either... but then I finally broke down and watched the 1st season of the new series with Christopher Eccleston and absolutely loved it. I'm sure that's due in no small part to Eccleston himself and the fact that I (for no reason I can discern) enjoy British shows that try hard with small budgets.
For example, I love the BBC's version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy way more than the visually superior Disney film from a few years back.
There are certain aspects of the show which you either have to just accept and go with or not swallow and turn the television off.
I know you and I are still in that stage of the relationship where we're figuring out the extent and boundaries of each others' tastes, but I think there is a chance you could enjoy it if you gave it a shot and watched the entire season.

Dylan said...

Chris, I'll see if the library has it and give it a whirl. I didn't think I'd like Firefly at first, but after a couple of episodes, I really fell for it.

chrishaley said...