Mixin' It Up

Chris Haley and I ping-ponged back and forth to make a glorious little mix. It's called Ping Of Pong which is a ridiculous title, but it works. It was way fun and the results are pretty superb.

See for yourself.*

In other news, I've been wrestling with August's mix, Like A Knife Through the Night. It looks like it might be a little mellow, sort of tired and droney. My idea of "late-night driving music" is a little beleaguered, lights streaking through darkness, roads stretching out infinitely, the moon hanging over you like some watchful, all-seeing eye as it makes ghost outlines of the landscape. Everybody else is sleeping soundly and you're alone with your thoughts and the music and they're both solitary and deep and sort of spooky.

Is this going to bum everybody out? Let me know.


* PS: There is a little cussin' in this mix. Just so you know.


chrishaley said...

Uh oh, is the cussin' my fault?
I don't specifically recall anybody makin' any cusses, but it's probably roughly analogy-ized by ducks, their backs, and water as far as cusses and my ears go.

Dylan said...

It is. It's all your fault. All of it. You can't see me right now, but I'm pointing at you and doing that thing where you point and with your other finger you like swipe it at the person you're shaming over and over while you glare disapprovingly. That's me. That's how I roll.

It's cool, though. It's nothing you wouldn't hear in a PG-13 movie or anything. Just thought people should be aware. Especially those of us with little ones. "Earmuffs" and all that.

chrishaley said...

I'll try to watch it next time.

chrishaley said...

Oh, also, I'm looking forward to this night driving mix.

Candace said...

yes. the night driving mix will be cool. very cool. do it.

Poetic Blather said...

Yeah man, do it. I'm all into sweet mellow waftings that make you tear commiseration and joy simultaneously.