Deaf, Dumb and Blind Pinball Kid

I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow I managed to forget just how much I love the Flaming Lips. I realize that this is unacceptable. I was severely chagrined when I stumbled on this footage of them rehearsing some Who songs for an upcoming celebration. Oh man, they are the bestest. If you haven't seen them live, then you are not alive. You are dead. Like a zombie. Or Dracula. Or Chewbacca after that moon got dropped on him in that one Star Wars book.

Via You Ain't No Picasso.


chrishaley said...

Chewie, noooooo!!!!!!!!

Dylan said...

I really think the writers killed him because let's face it, how do you write Chewie in a book format? You will kill your thesaurus looking for fresh ways to say "growled."