BRR Monthly Mix :: March 09 :: Booming & Zooming

So February is over, huh? Crazy. Another month gone, and so quickly, too. But you know what, you deserve something for making it through, so here, here's a mix:

Get it here or, if that's too slow, try here. Let me know if you download it. I'm always curious to know who's listening.

We also had two mixes from members of the Mixtape Brigade. I know, I couldn't believe it either! And guess what? They're both really good.

Philippe dropped his Spruce Goose mix, which you can download here. And Dave dropped Rainy Days, which is available over here.

Go download their mixes and let them know what a great job they did. I've added their links to the Master List along with this month's mix, so that's all up to date. And remember, if you like what you hear, leave a comment, pass it along and make one of your own.

Did anybody else throw one together? Let me know and I'll post the link. Or if you didn't, well, start working on April's mix, you ding-dong. I know I am. I have a title and everything: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. What do you think? Cool?

Anyway, until next time, Make Mine Mixtape.

1 comment:

Mr. Philippe said...

Super mix, mon ami, including Modest Mouse's Gravity Rides Everything and American Football captures my attention. Plus there are some bands on there I'll probably look into.