Dance, Monkey, Dance

So, I'm really trying to not be all "So, I haven't posted in a week," and then explain why in tedious detail. You don't care about all that, right? You just want to be entertained. You just need something to pop up on your internets that will make your day a little brighter. You just want the monkey to dance. "Dance, monkey! DANCE!" you cry from the audience, your voices shrill and raspy, your breath tasting of aluminum and defeat.

And I dance. Oh, how I dance. I shred the spotlight like wet crepe paper, my dervish all a'whirl and my lucidity fading as I break on through like Jim Morrison or Grant Morrison or Toni Morrison or Morris the Cat from those 9 Lives commercials. I dance in a trance in my corduroy pants to music that makes no sense and in any case, it's not audible. Not to earth-people, at least. We have crossed the threshold between reality, fantasy and New Jersey. Where we're going we don't need roads. Only blog posts. Posts of sturdy bloggage with which we will build the log cabin of dreams in the territory of fantasy in the township of unreality, off the coast of make-believe where imaginary dolphins play.

So yeah, let's do this thing. Let's blog. Let us get our blog on like the star-crossed mamma-jammas we are and always will be, forever and ever. Let's get our blog on:

* We watched Fishing With John over the last couple of nights. It's brilliant. You can read about it here and you can catch most, if not all, of the episodes on the YouTubes. I highly recommend the Tom Waits and Willem Dafoe episodes. Also, I am now John Lurie's (the John of the title) Facebook friend. So basically, I'm more famous that you.

* My new goal in life is to find this book and feast up on it's secret knowledge. Judging just by the cover, I can safely say that that could be the raddest book ever written.

* I'm reading Volume 2 of the Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus collections, and I will continue to tout the genius of Jack Kirby. Seriously,there is some mind-bendingly radical stuff in those pages.

* The new Franz Ferdinand and M. Ward albums are pretty excellent.

* Did you download Dave's mix yet? No? Why not? You really should. Also, why didn't you make a mix last month? I, like David Bowie, am very disappointed in you.

* Make sure to watch out for chimpanzees. Seriously, this is terrifying.

* I've been listening to a lot of This American Life while I'm work-work-workin' and I must say, that is a fine radio program. Although I must confess that am now 82% whiter than I was before I started on my rigorous TAL regiment. So be careful.

* I'm also back on the All Songs Considered podcast and have been sampling the Sound Opinions podcast as well. Again, it will make you significantly whiter, but you're risk-takers. I can see it in your eyes.

* Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, I read some good books: John Hodgman's The Areas Of My Expertise and Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers. I also picked up a collection of H.P. Lovecraft's stories, but have been too scared to crack it's spine. It's hard to unwind while reading tales of cosmic horror, y'know?

* Lost is kicking some major butt, innit? I'm super stoked for tonight's episode, where Ben and Jack have to team up with Magnum, P.I. to help break Matlock out of prison after he was falsely accused of murdering one of the Golden Girls (the sexy one) by Jessica Fletcher and the Simon with a mustache from Simon & Simon. It's totally gonna rule.

Aaaand that's it for now. Leave yr love in the comments.


chanel said...

so i watch lost like i should have been for the past how many years. and im lovin it, even though i know so much of it would make more sense if i had actually seen the past 4,5,6 however many seasons. i told ryan last night, I wish I was watching this with dylan. who is the french ( i think shes french??) girl? did she have her baby? and how can that guy with the girl whos nose bleeds be someone from her past and yet they both appear the same age? and at the end jin was wearing a suit from the others right? so does that impky he was on the island before? and do you think kate killed aaron? that was weird.

so now see you're so glad I DON'T watch with you- i'd drive you nuts.


Dylan said...

Wow, Chanel. That's a lotta questions. And a sane person would just ignore you and pretend that he didn't get your e-mail. But I am no sane person. So let's see if I can answer some of these riddles.

Who is the French ... girl?
That is Danielle Rousseau. Sayid found her living in an underground bunker back in season 1. She was a little cuckoo by then, as you can see why. 16 years on that nutty island will do that to you.

Did she have her baby?
She did, but she was taken from her and raised by Ben as an Other. Her name was Alexandra. She died. She got shot by a mercenary hired by Mr. Widmore to find the island and kill everyone on it at the end of the last season. Sad, right?

How can that guy with the girl whose nose bleeds be someone from her past and yet they both appear the same age?
The season opener had a cold open whose big shock featured Mr. Faraday in a Dharma jumpsuit in the 70's. It's still not clear how he ended up there, but the time-skipping the island's been going through explain a lot of that.

If he was on the island in the late 70's, early 80's and Charlotte was raised on the island, then it's possible he ran into her then.

They may also be brother and sister, but I'm not convinced that Mrs. Hawking (the old lady in the church) is really her mom. But I am convinced she's Charlotte's mom and the "Ellie" mentioned in the "Jughead" episode a few ones back.

And at the end, Jin was wearing a suit from the Others right?
Close, the suit he was wearing belongs to members of the Dharma Initiative, a scientific expedition that was studying and exploiting the island for a brief time before the Others, with the help of Benjamin Linus, wiped them out in a crazy gas attack. (Fun fact! This group of Dharma people included Ben's dad, played by the same guy who played Uncle Rico.)

So does that imply he was on the island before?
I'm guessing that the Oceanic 6 - well, Jack, Kate & Hurley at least - and the left-behinds - Jin for sure, but also maybe Sawyer, Miles and Juliette - are on the Island in the heyday of the Dharma Initiative.

And do you think Kate killed Aaron?
Wow, you went to a dark place there, Chanel. No, I don't think she killed Aaron. My guess would be she left him with his grandmother. (Why else would they have Claire's mom be in L.A. at the same time?)

Also, I think Ben either tried to kill, or successfully killed Penny on the eve of their flight.

So now see, you're so glad I DON'T watch with you - I'd drive you nuts.
Oh come on, I'd watch TV with you guys any old day.

Anybody else have any Lost questions?

chanel said...

jawsome! don't understand at all how/who widmore is and what his deal is. faraday- absolutely no clue. is penny the grandma you speak of? that would explain ben's messed up bloody face?!?!

are you amazed i follow this show at all? its just that good- you can not understand a thing and still be totally into it.

thanks for all the helps!

Dylan said...

Widmore is Ben's arch-nemesis. He was also on the island a long time ago and hung out with the Others. They're engaged in some sort of feud, Ben and Widmore.

Ben has vowed to kill Widmore's daughter, Penny, in retribution for Widmore's guy killing Alex.

Penny is Widmore's daughter and is married/baby momma to Desmond, the Scottish guy who stormed out of the church in the last episode. I hope she isn't dead. Really I do.

Dave L said...

I am back to where I love the Lost speculation. You have such a deep fountain of Lost knowledge.

What happened to Mr. Abbadon anyway? It is crazy but it feels good to have them back on the island. I think.