I drew this fella during a meeting at work. I think he's pretty cool.


Also, our La La Love You poster was featured on Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh offshoot. Which is pretty awesome. You can pick one up for yourself at Candace's shop, SparklePower! Yay, team Sparkle Tuff!


cbhoff said...

I think he's pretty cool too. Man, if I'd met him before Brandt I'm not sure what this little fetus of mine would look like. I kid, I only kid.

jason quinones said...

hi dylan

this is actually your boss and not jason!

is this what you're doing our meetings? do you realize how many hours i put into creating those graphs and pie charts?

needless to say you're fired.

your stuff's already in a box in the alley.

Ryan C. Adams said...

Somebunny knows how to illustrate.