Interviewing With the Starz! - Sarah Barlow

Welcome to the first installment of Interiewing With the Starz. Today's Interviewee is Sarah. Sarah and I both sang in our high school choir and ran with that clique for a while.

Name: Sarah Jane Barlow nee Sarah Jane Garrard

Hometown: Burley, Idaho (yeah, you’ve probably driven past it cuz it is one of those towns.)

Occupation: Co-creator and C.O.O. of Barlow Inc. (does that sound prestigeous?)

Favorite type of donut:
Not that I’m picky when they’re placed in front of me, but I really enjoy a chocolate covered glazed donut. No sprinkles. Just plain. And fresh.

Would you rather be mauled by a bear, stung to death by bees or eaten by a shark? Why?
Well. I SERIOUSLY panic when one bee comes even near me, so I think it would be agonizing to have multiple bees upon me. I do think a shark attack would involve a sense of drowning (which my sister [who seriously drowned when we were at swim lessons] said is really terrifying), and I’ll have to take a pass on that whole scenario.

Simply by process of elimination I would rather be mauled by a bear.

If your life were a song, what song would it be?
“Galileo” by Indigo Girls.

If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Thoroughly Modern Millie. Really, I can’t think of any Julie Andrews movie that annoys me.

If you had your way, where would you live out the rest of your days and how?
I would have a cozy home on the beach for winter living where friends and family would visit often and we’d peruse antique shops and book stores before shopping at the farmer’s market.

In the summer I would endure the outdoors-y, campy life in a trailer or cabin with my husband so he could fish his fool heart out and I could read books in complete silence and in the glorious mountains. (However this scenario will probably never work since I would go stir crazy with all the serenity and so I will probably go back to teaching HS English, become a principal, retire, go into politics, fix Nevada’s SCREWED up education system, and then serve mission after mission after mission until I die.)

What would your like your tombstone read? (Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you)
“She really could do everything!”

The Three Stooges or the Marx Brothers?

What three TV shows can you not miss?
The Biggest Loser, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy

If you could erase one social problem with the flick of yr wrist, what would it be and why?
Only one? How about rudeness in school drop off zones? Can I get rid of Wal-Marts? Nah, I think I would eliminate ignorance. That would be awesome since teenage pregnancy, bigotry, and all sorts of other social ills would be solved with one swoop. Plus, with no ignorance I wouldn’t have to listen to people spout political emails like they are facts when I am at church.

Who was your earliest remembered crush?
Eric Kober. 4th grade. Tall, older than me, blond. It must be my thing.

What five things do you hope people know or think about you?
1. That while I am sure in my beliefs, it does not mean I judge other people.
2. I love my husband and kids more than anything in the world. Anything. Ever. In the world. Universe, really.
3. I overextend myself regularly.
4. I have a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
5. I am a good friend. The kind of a friend people can trust, depend on, laugh with, cry to, and be honest with. Pretty much an all-around B.F.F.

What three things are you terrified that people know or think about you?
1. I have serious affirmation, food, and control issues.
2. I lacked some serious judgment when I was younger and that’s how people still identify and judge me (by those choices).
3. That I fear I will someday be as messed up as my parents.

The Stones or the Who?
Is Aerosmith even in the same department? What about the Bee Gees? (I know, I know, Dylan. Don’t yell at me!!) I’ll pick the Stones, I guess.

If you could have any super power (flight, x-ray vision, the ability to talk to undersea creatures, etc.), what would it be and why?
The ability to freeze time without anyone else realizing it. Then I could do all the mundane house keeping tasks while my kids were on pause or I could stop things if I wanted to make sure to record a special time (ya know, take a reflective moment to journal or feel the joy of an event.)

What is the deal with airline food?
It’s not really a deal. Don’t I normally pay $98.00 for peanuts and a half a can of Coke on my one-way to Salt Lake?

What is your greatest unrealized ambition?
To perform on Broadway. We’re not holding our breath on that one, folks, but how awesome would that be?

Most embarassing moment ever. Go!
Oh, there are so many. I have a pretty good case of foot-in-mouth disease.

On our most recent annual trip to Swiss Days in Midway, Utah we were visiting the son and daughter-in-law of some good family friends. I kept referring to the daughter-in-law by her name, or what I thought was her name: Skye. I made a point to call her by name 3 or 4 times only to have my sister quietly tell me her name was something totally different.

“Her name is Starr.”

I felt like such an idiot and, of course, had to acknowledge (later in our weekend) to the daughter-in-law that I did, indeed, know her name was Starr ... not Skye.


And that's that. If you're still working on your questionnaire, get it in. And if you've already submitted yours but forgot to attach a picture, get all up on that and send me one. I won't run your interview without one. Because I am hardcore.


chanel said...

nice sarah!
loved your super power, just like that girl on tv (forever ago) whos dad was an alien and she talked to him through that glowing diamond thing, and she'd put her fingers together and freeze time. i so wanted to be her!!!!!

Mr. Philippe said...

great interview, i really got to know this Sarah Jane Barlow nee Sarah Jane Garrard. I look forward to future installments... bees or sharks- thrilling stuff.

Ryan C. Adams said...

How funny. I had that same exact swimsuit when I was a kid.

This was a great first installment.

Candace said...

such a funny photo!

barlows said...

Uh, Ryan, I have to correct you that my outfit would be the ultra-stylish "bubble suits" sold annually at the Burley K-Mart. They were super cheap and always had some loud print AND apparently they had a tendency to creep. And Chanel, I totally tried to remember that girl's name when I typed the survey, but I couldn't remember it.

Nan said...

Her name was Evie. I loved that show (Out of This World)!! Dylan, I totally forgot my photo...it's a comin'.