New Sparkle Power Prints

We added some new prints to Candace's shop. We figured that with the world in a state of depressing panic, we'd do our part to bolster confidence with a series of prints we've entitled Daily Affirmations.

The prints are 8" x 10", printed on handsome text weight kraft paper and come in five colors: grape jelly (purple), grasshopper (green), orange peel (uh, orange), blueberry (you guessed it: blue) and sunburn (red). They are also perfect for framing. See?

There are five prints so far, with captions taken from song lyrics. Can you guess which songs they come from?

If you know anybody who might be interested, send them our way. Thanks.

1 comment:

rose said...

i'm wondering...is the "everything is going to be alright" poster blue, or purple?