Interviewing With the Starz! - Patti Lunn

It's that time again, time for another thrilling installment of Interiewing With the Starz. Today's Interviewee is Patti. Patti and I have this weird, incestuous relationship. My dad and I Home Taught (it's a Mormon thing, e-mail me and Ill explain it) the Lunn family back in the day, her husband Dave was my Sunday School teacher and her daughter is my married to my brother-in-law, making Caitlin (Patti's daughter) my sister-in law. Patti blogs here and her blog will make you hungry. You have been warned. Take it away, Patti:

Name: Patti

Hometown: Boston, but I live in Vegas.

Occupation: I make sure lawyers don’t commit malpractice. (I manage the Master Calendar Department in a mid-size LV law firm.)

Favorite type of donut:
Chocolate frosted with a dot of sweet cream cheese and raspberry. (Thank you, Provo Bakery.)

Would you rather be mauled by a bear, stung to death by bees or eaten by a shark? Why?
Ugh ... I guess be eaten by a shark. It’d be quick.

If your life were a song, what song would it be?
"Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell.

If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?
It’d have to be a Woody Allen. Annie Hall? More likely Hannah and Her Sisters.

If you had your way, where would you live out the rest of your days and how?
By the sea, very very leisurely. Sigh...

What would your like your tombstone read? (Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you)
You can never be too rich or too thin.

The Three Stooges or the Marx Brothers?
Definitely the Marx Brothers.

What three TV shows can you not miss?
The Office, Top Chef, The Barefoot Contessa.

If you could erase one social problem with the flick of yr wrist, what would it be and why?
More than likely drugs ... it’s the root of so many other social problems: crime, education problems, poverty, family issues, etc.

Who was your earliest remembered crush?
Kevin Barry in the 1st Grade

What five things do you hope people know about you?
1. That I’m intelligent.
2. That I’m committed to the Gospel.
3. That I’m crazy about the person I married.
4. Maybe that I have good taste? (Shallow)
5. That I’m genuinely happy .

What three things are you terrified that people know or think about you?
I’m past being terrified of what someone thinks (comes with age), but if I had to come up with something it’d be close to this:
1. That I think nobody can do it better than I can. So not true.
2. That I’m “crazy.” (Just means you’re admitting you don't understand me)
3. That I’m aloof.

The Stones or the Who?
"Sugar Magnolia," all the way.

If you could have any super power (flight, x-ray vision, the ability to talk to undersea creatures, etc.), what would it be and why?
I’d want to be invisible, and I don’t want to tell you why.

What is the deal with airline food?
More than likely a study in carcinogens.

What is your greatest unrealized ambition?
No joke, my entire life I’ve wanted to be a nurse. (My daughter provides vicarious pleasure.)

Most embarassing moment ever. Go!
Delivery room. All I’m saying.


And that's that. Stay tuned next week for a look at a person as white, if not whiter than myself: Ryan C. Adams, Esq. If you're still working on your questionnaire, get it in. And if you've already submitted yours but forgot to attach a picture, get all up on that and send me one. I won't run your interview without one. Because I am hardcore.

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