5 Years

Five years. Where'd all that time go? It seems like yesterday I was sitting on a stool in a weird, thin, slippery white plastic jumpsuit as doctors rushed my beautiful, terrified bride into an operating room for an emergency c-section. Five years ago since I held that pink, warm little thing in my arms and felt like the world had stopped turning for a little moment. Five years ago since my life changed completely and totally for the better. Five years since I met my daughter, my buddy and my snuggler. Five years ago, I became a dad to a beautiful little fearless, headstrong and inspiring girl.

Happy birthday, Sadie. Thank you for changing my life. I'll love you forever and ever; no matter what. I'm glad you're in our family. I'm glad I'm your dad.


BTW, Candace has pictures from the Star Wars-themed party over here.

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chanel said...

so sweet- you're such a great dad (and light saber instructor no doubt)