"What Was This," I Thought, "That Struck Me?"

I'm not sure if anybody else out there has been laid off before. Chances are, somebody reading this has. But man, it really sucks. Like, it's the worst.

So yeah, myself and two other co-workers were let go yesterday, which is very aggravating, depressing and is gonna necessitate some serious and crazy changes around BRRHQ, so please excuse any lack of updating that may occur. We've been discussing a change for a bit now and had planned to make some sort of move within the next year, but this sort of forces us to make that change and soon. We'll have more info as soon as we nail down our plans, but we're excited. Well, today we're excited. Yesterday was rough.

It sucks and it's unfortunate and it's a lot like being kicked in the nuts, thrown out of a window and then having someone pee in your eyes with disturbing accuracy as you fall, but we'll get through it. We know that there are beautiful people (like yourself) all over the place who love us and want us to succeed. We know that we'll land on our feet. We know that we'll be taken care of and will prosper wherever we end up.

In the meantime, I'm rocking out to The Soft Bulletin, enjoying being home with Candace and the girls, chatting with Chris Haley about comics and stressing like a mamma-jamma.


Melissa said...

I am so sorry. (I wish saying it were enough. I know it's not. But I really am.)

jms said...

dude. that is crummy news, but don't sweat it too bad.

i got the call memorial day from my boss saying he was closing the restaurant and he was sorry but he couldn't make rent and payroll. i hope you are not feeling as lousy right now as i was that day (i mean, c'mon, way to ruin a cookout) b/c i felt like i was doomed.

since then, opportunity has opened all sorts of windows and doors and i have been fortunate enough to fall bassakwards into a much cooler restaurant in a cooler city and things are totally amazing.

you are a cool and talented guy, you seem to have a totally awesome family and a web following so i think you're going to be just fine. all the cheesy sayings about opportunity are just as true as the cheesy sayings about hope and the human spirit and shit.

gbv rules!

Patti said...

Dylan. Thinking of you guys... happy and hopeful thoughts being sent your way.

rose said...

I can relate, and I'm so sorry! I hope this opens doors you never even knew were there. Hold onto that excitement for as long as possible! I'm always rooting for Team Todd. You guys are awesome. Hang in there!

Misty said...

That sucks! Big time. Sorry to hear that. And this after you just posted pics of your office - the irony.

Well, we've got you in our prayers. We'll continue sending good thoughts your way.

Dr. Stanley said...

I'm torn. On one hand, I'm really sorry (really) to hear that, but on the other hand, would you have written that wonderful first sentence to the 3rd paragraph of your post if this didn't happen? I don't know, but I'm glad you wrote it, because it was pretty much the greatest thing I've heard all day. Seriously though, that sucks. Hope it works out quickly.

b3n said...

When one door is closed, many more is opened...

Yeah, so, just like try to keep that in mind. And remember, you were looking fo a job when you found that one. Time to start REALLY lookin' in Austin, I guess.

andrea said...

I am sorry! You know we can relate to this all too well. We're thinking and praying for you guys. You'll be just fine though, you both are super talented and will do great. Best of luck.

Jesse said...

DylMan -
So sorry to hear the news cos (Shakespeare in da hizzy!). I've been smack dab right where you are, which is why we're not living in NYC anymore. I've had an itching to check in on BRR for the past week or so...sorry it's taken me so long as life has presented a new level of crazy to me.

Anyway, wishing you guys all the best. You're in our thoughts and prayers.