& I Guess That I Just Don't KNow

A while back, Beck debuted his Record Club, a quick re-recording of an album featuring his friends. The first album they chose to do was The Velvet Underground & Nico, which is sort of like saying you're going to, oh I dunno, do something really dumb like remake Psycho shot for shot. (Gus Van Sant, you just got served!)

So I was a little worried. I mean, I like Beck a lot, but it seemed unnecessary. Fun, but unnecessary. I listened to the first track, the cover of "Sunday Morning," and it was ... okay. It pales next to the original, with it's music box intro and the way Lou Reed wistfully sings, "Watch out, the world's behind you." But yeah, it's an interesting take on a rock and roll standard. My initial opinion stands; this isn't essential, but it's a worthy diversion. I've embedded all the tracks below so you can listen while you surf or work or whatever.

The next album up is Leonard Cohen's Songs of Leonard Cohen, which I think is even more untouchable that the VU debut, but if the first track's any indication, it'll be fun to listen to.

Anyway, enjoy. Have a great weekend. And may the Force be with you.


01. Sunday Morning:

02. Waiting For My Man:

03. Femme Fatale:

04. Venus In Furs:

05. Run, Run, Run:

06. All Tomorrow's Parties:

07. Heroin:

08. There She Goes Again:

09. I'll Be Your Mirror:

10. Black Angel's Death Song:

11. European Son:

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