Big Decision

A while back, I posted a photo of some most perplexing jeans. Today I will explain the process for determining when it would be appropriate to wear those jeans. Behold:

{click for bigness}

Hope this clears things up.


Candace said...

you are obsessed with those jeans.

Ryan said...

That is very, very funny.

Christos said...

Verrrry cool, Dylan.

Dr. Stanley said...

Ah... you have released that little chuckle that has been trapped inside my belly all day. Thanks man.

Mr. Philippe said...

The jeans can really be worn on a day to day basis, today I'm ballen another I'm not. No homo tendencies today and I'm ballen, jeans it is.

Your graphic is superlative, how could you incorporate an image of the original jeans in there? Then you can poster it and throw it on etsy!