The Plan Keeps Coming Up Again

You know the drill.

1. The remedy cannot be found
2. Fall on your face in those bad shoes
3. We clambered to the edge of the sky and watched as the steam and the starlight divide
4. It should be okay
5. I never should have learned his name
6. It's my ambition of a jacket ignition in a Cadillac metal car
7. The magnetic hold that grips their souls
8. The phone just rings with bad news now and then
9. All I can hear is bass and drums
10. The bees they buzzed so loudly that I just couldn't stay
11. Trying to fill a hole in my head
12. The dollars and cents never cease to amaze
13. You give 'em your heart, and anything else that they want
14. This world is big and full of celebration
15. I went to walk along the shore; my darkness shaped it

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the_jcw said...

thanks again for the Mixtapery, can't wait to listen....you are a credit to our society