Too Soon?

Okay, so Patrick Swayze died. I mean, we all knew it was coming, but it's still sad news, as you know I love the man. He really was a class act. He was a fighter, a lover and, legend has it, a heckuva bouncer. And the dude could rock him some sweatpants. Somewhere, cancer is hobbling away after the thrashing of its life.

But as the world is left Swayze-less, it does raise an interesting question? Who will take up the mantle of America's dance-fighter? Who will be the next gentle warrior, the man who can kick evil in the face, and yet still teach the ladies how to dance and I mean *really* dance? Like, dirty-like. Who has the mix of grace and savage bad@$$ery requisite to fill the dance slippers of the Swayze? Is there anyone left in this sad, sorry excuse for a world left who can gracefully, gently, and - yeah, I'll say it - sexily punch a man in the chest so hard so as to cause him instantaneous and everlasting death? Will there be another one, *can* there be another one, or must we mourn Swayze forever? Must the world remain Swayze-less?

I pray that this is not the case.

Ryan, your time is now. Ascend to the throne abdicated by your master. It is what you have trained your entire life for. Destiny demands it.


jason quinones said...

you forgot cheezy singer.

she's like the wind...

jason quinones said...

maybe that evil blond dude from the first die hard who done kicked b. wilis' butt at te end but then b. willis came back and kilt his a$$ but good when he choked him to death with that chain on the stairwell.

that was awesome.

or is he dead in real life too???