I, Also, Am Not Pregnant

And I too am stressed. But thankfully, my brother Bryan posted this picture of a pair of jeans he came across in a thrift store:

If you can't read the pants, they say: "I'm ballen" and "No homo!"


These pants are the pantsyest pants that have ever been pantsed. Seriously, this picture is getting me through the labyrinthine labyrinth of this and that which my life has become as of late.

There ae three Amazing Things going on here. Can you spot them?

First off, somebody took time to do this. This is Amazing Thing #1 and should be applauded forever and ever, hallelujah.

Amazing Thing #2 is that "ballin'," the shortened form of "balling," (to play basketball; to have wealth or financial security) is misspelled.

Amazing Thing #3 is obvious, the caveat of "No homo!" With an exclamation mark, no less. Like, he wrote "I'm ballen!" and then got worried that that sounded too gay and immediately pulled out his Sharpie and puff paint and scrawled "No homo!" on the other leg. Or he'd just done "I'm ballen," and got unsolicited dude attention or something, ran home and added in his disclaimer. So many questions...

Oh man. This brings me joy. What's helping you get through the day these days? Please share.


Dr. Stanley said...

Posts like this one get me through the day.

Lil said...

It's like this dude wore these pants with holes, but obviously felt less masculine and homo and thought of this awesome idea. I've never thought of this before. Taking your lamest piece of clothing, but instead of throwing it away. State the opposite of the way it makes you feel. What's a "cool" way to say, "my body doesn't look literally like a pear & I haven't gained a ton of weight?