I Made It Over the Great Divide & Now I'm Coming For You

I'm going to go ahead and post this early, as we'll be driving across the country on the first of October. This month's mix is titled They Try To Tear Me Down for, well, obvious reasons. I've been referring to it as my "comfort mix," and that's pretty apt. It's a veritable "who's who," of Dylan-approved rock &/or roll. If you only download one of my mixes, make it this one.

Here's the cover:

And here's the tracklist:

1. "Both of them side-by-side, so determined."
2. "What do I see? Just you comin' in, spillin' juice over me."
3. "The only thing to fear is fearlessness."
4. "Even if you wanted to, even if you could, you can't say no."
5. "It's just a lot of B.S. A whole lot of B.S."
6. "Here's my shoulder blade. Here's the sound I make. Here I am."
7. "I was a train at the point where the railroad ends."
8. "As you're folding up the shirts, you hesitate."
9. "Anyone can scratch and anyone can win."
10. "There will come a time, gigantic waves will crush the junk that I have saved."
11. "…"
12. "You're making me happier, now I am snappier, now I'm with you."
13. "I need a whole lot of sunshine to keep my sundial advancing."
14. "And it's coming up roses. Everywhere you go it's roses."
15. "There ain't much of a difference between a bridge and a wall."
16. "We'll find a way, regardless, to find a way out of this mess."
17. "Literal swine drop."
18. "Music is my girlfriend and I would do anything for her."
19. "We've gotta wait and see what comes after."
20. "It's gonna be a great day. And it won't be long…"

Download it here and check out all the mixes from BRR and the Mixtape Brigade here.

Salutations, ballerz.


Mr. Philippe said...

Downloading now... gonna jam to some The Band once you're "Across the Great Divide"?

jason quinones said...

homo ballerz?