Best. Mail. Day. Ever.

Got home after a hectic moring and afternoon. We had to pick up the car, which has been down in I.F. getting the starter replaced since Tuesday. I had to rush directly to school from there because I was meeting my friend Brandt to get the AIGA invites printed and I my BFA class met with Brother Franson, a.k.a.: "My Favorite Teacher, Like, Ever."

That went well, things are looking good for my project and we (finally, after much cajoling of the printer in the Spori building) got the invites printed. They look sweet.

Anyway, I got home at like 4pm after leaving home at 10:30am and was greeted by this beautiful sight:

I [heart] magazines. Wired looks cool this month. Colbert's on the cover, which pretty much sold me. Plus, there's this "How To" insert guide that looks pretty rad as well. Plus, I got my bimonthly fix of Readymade. Readymade, for those of you who haven't drank the Kool-Aid yet, is an awesome magazine. Their blog is pretty cool as well. It's sort of like a hip home-improvement magazine, though that description really doesn't do it justice. We also got our Entertainment Weekly. The Miami Vice cover story's not hooking me, but there's an interview with Luke Wilson that I'll definitely be reading, as I am totally "down" with the Wilson brothers for some weird reason. I also got this cool little activity book from Veer, which is a site that specializes in stuff for creatives (mainly typefaces, stock photos & illustration). All in all, not a bad haul.

Now if you'll excuse me, there are fajitas that are calling my name. Yum.

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