Recent Work

Been working on my BFA project quite a bit this week, which has been a lot of fun. I also had the assignment to head a group to develop invitations for our AIGA meeting on Collaboration next Wednesday. I came up with the idea to have various people develop little mini-posters for each letter of the organizations initials. Here's some I came up with.

The first one I produced was this one, for the letter "i." I took some images I have around and I came up with this smattering if "i"'s.

My first idea, though, was this one. I thought, "Hey, pirates are funny and minor tragedies are funny, so why not a tragic pirate?"

Next up was this one. I like it a lot and only worked on it for like, 20 minutes. Pretty impressive.

Finally, I took one of the signs I've made for my BFA store and cut it up. A little preview, I guess.

Anyway, so that's the fun stuff. Enjoy.

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