Remember That Scene In Old Yeller...

When Yeller's got rabies and they've got to put him down and the one "Hey that's my dog!" kid is all crying and snot's all coming out of his nose and you sit there and despite of yourself you get a little teary-eyed because Yeller was such a pretty dog, such a good and nice dog, and now he has to die? Like this? Behind a shed all frothing and crazy? No dignity, no funeral, just a bullet and tears? Remember that? Geez, that was sad. Still, it's better to take such a beautiful creature out rather than let it suffer, right? RIght???

So, you may ask, where are you going with this? Well, I'm taking my other blog, The Wall Of Sound, out behind the woodshed. It will suffer no longer. It was a great idea but one that was just too impossible to even touch, especially at this point in my life, so, sorry fella. Look off into the sunset and think about chasing rabbits while I load this shotgun up. If I have anything music related, I'll just post about it here, only not right now because Ryan just posted a music post and I don't want to look like I'm copying him even though I really want to talk about Jonathan Richman's amazing I, Jonathan but that can wait. Anyway. I've got to go clean the gun.

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