Okay, It Looks Like I've Been Slacking, But...

Honestly, I haven't. I did Post-A-Day week and then started on the herculean task of commenting on Paste Magazine's "100 Greatest Living Songwriters," list, which is still being drafted. It's a doozy of a list and I will try to get it done in teh next coule of days.

Until then, here's a scan of one of my favorite scenes from a comic book ever. I had it in a Marvel Age issue back in the day, where they'd reprint and condense stories from the golden age of the Marvel Age. The FF had lost their powers and Doc Doom had decided to extract his revenge. He takes over the Baxter Building and Reed has to make a choice, turn Ben back into the Thing or let Doom win. I love the Fantastic Four, and I especially love the Kirby/Lee FF (Morrison's Fantastic Four: 1234 is amazing as well, but Kirby/Lee is the real, uh, thing). I love the Thing. I love this sequence. Immediately after this, Ben goes ape**** on Doom, crushing his hands inside their armor and almost killing him because, well, his humanity was taken from him because Doom's a sad little man. Anyway, amazing stuff. I promise that I'll get that list posted - Scout's Honor.

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