That Summer Feeling

I am tired because I went to work today and worked my butt off and now I am tired. But still, I will post. 'Cuz I'm an O.G. like that.

Anyway, so I'm sitting here as the sun goes down on another summer day. I've got the Lemonheads Come On Feel playing, which, for some reason I felt like breaking out. It's a really good album, despite the presence of a couple non-essential tracks (the "Rick James Style" version of "Style," and the "Jello Fund," - the obligatory "hidden track full of gibberish," why, 90's, why?). Nonetheless, this is one of the "minor summer album," shuffle pack I put together the other morning. In fact, let's run them down: In the #1 slot on my CD player: the Lemonheads, Come On Feel The Lemonheads.

Slot #2: Pavement, Brighten The Corners.

Slot the Third: Spoon, Kill The Moonlight.

Fourth Slot: Papas Fritas, Helioself.

Fifth & Final Slot: Wilco, Summerteeth.

In no way an essential list, but still a good mix of stuff to keep your summer rolling. What is it about summer that's so dang alluring? For some reason, you say the word and I'm all a-quiver, like I'm going to get out of school for three months or something. Even growing up in the blazing furnace of Las Vegas, I still get all nostalgic for bike rides, swimming pools, baseball cards and sleep-overs.

Oh man, I just thought of something. You know how there are things that have no names, but should? Like, I dunno "the spirit of the staircase," or something? There should be a name for that feeling in your hip when you wake up on your friends floor after a sleep-over - that dull ache on whatever side you slept on with just a blanket or two between you and the ground. It's some kind of sacrifice, that dull ache in trade for a night talking about nothing until you pass out contented with the TV on playing some dumb movie (RunningMan! Leviathan! Predator!), or the radio humming to itself in the midnight.

A dull ache in your hip in exchange for friendship. I'd say that's a fair trade.

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