The Geek Gene

Okay, so I downloaded the new Spider-Man 3 trailer (you can download it for yourself here - Sandman! Black costume! Uh... Topher Grace? Trust me, you won't be sorry) for my iPod the other day, cuz, you know, I'm a nerd like that.

Well later that day, Sadie was driving Candace crazy so I thought, well, I'll show her the trailer. I mean, it's a little movie on a cool little screen, she'll eat it up.

Well she did.

In fact, immediately after watching it, she took off her headphones and started yelling about "Bahduhmahn."

Now you've got to trust me when I tell you that I don't have superhero flash cards that I run her through nightly ("Sorry, Sadie, no treat for you. That was Elongated Man, not Mister Fantastic. Yeah, I know, they both stretch, but..."), so I have no clue how she knew Spider-Man's name. Seriously. I haven't even read a Spider-Man comic since before she was born (Spider totem? Come on, Marvel).

I'm wondering if there's a "Geek Gene," that I've somehow got transferred to her. I mean, will I wake up one day to find her engrossed in the Star Wars trilogy (the O.G. one, boyee! Hey, I'm so old I remember when Greedo didn't shoot first. I'm also so old that I remember when Weezer didn't suck, but that's another post entirely...), or catch her sneaking my X-Men comics? Until then I can only hope that someone will discover a cure because the last thing the world needs is more geeks.

We're a territorial kind.

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