Okay, so I lost the first draft of this post...

So I'll cut the crap. I was looking through some old cassete tapes that Sadie had found and came across this baby:

Remember this one, Ryan? First off, mixtapes are golden. I have this box full of ones I made for Candace when I was wooing her (she says I was showing off my "skills," - but my mixtape skills are legend) and some I received from other people. As much fun as making mixes for other people is (I posted my track listing for Ryan's Computer Rock mix and I just finished a monster one for Chris - Chris, if somehow you're reading this, we're putting together a package) there's nothing like a mix from another person. It's a peek into their tastes and a chance to share it with others. It's like ordering blindly off of a mexican restaurant's menu - you never know what you're getting, but you know it'll be good.

Let's look at this beauty, though. First off, the title's brilliant. If you're not from Vegas, "An Evening at La Cage," was a show full of drag queens who looked (nothing) like famous ladies. Was it Frank Marino that was the "star?" Anyway. Hilarious. But what about the rest of the tape? Well, just check out the titles for side a:

And side b?:

How could I not have this guy as one of my best friends on earth? Anyway, I popped it in last night and suddenly, it was 1994, only 200% less awkward and confusing. The Who, the Doors, STP, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Beatles, Floyd. It's just so classic and so Ryan and I'm honored that he shared it with me. It's an amazing mix. So, to the Castlerocker, cheers mate. You're a champ.

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