Prove My Love

Okay, so I'm going to try and buy your love. See, I made a little something for those of you who are regular readers. Including you lurkers. Yes, you. Did you think I couldn't see you hiding behind that shrubbery? Puh-lease. I got like superpowers and stuff.

I have 10 prizes that will go to the first 10 people to comment on any - I repeat any - posts starting... well, once this is posted. Just 10. Any post. The first 10 comments. Are we clear? Because if we're not, you probably should go see a doctor or something. Maybe that fall the other day messed up something in your brains?

Anyway, so here's the rules for getting one of these magic things that I'm giving away:

1. One per household. Don't try abusing the system Adamseseses. I know how you people operate. I am, as we say on the streets, "on to you."

2. If you're not set up through Blogger and decide to post anonymously, make sure to include who you are. I may have x-ray vision, lasers in my fingertips and control over the weather, but I am not, unfortunately, psychic. If you want your swag, you must introduce yourself.

3. If I find these prizes posted on Ebay, we will throw down. And it will be epic. And you will lose. I will explode you. Somewhere over Tokyo. It will not be pretty. These laser fingertips aren't for cuddling. They're for blasting. It's what they do. They blast.

4. The prizes will go to the first 10 people who comment. I'm pulling a "Tickle-Me Elmo" here and intentionally making these things scarce. I only have that many - again, for those of you in the slow class, this many [I am holding up all my fingers... just play along] 10, "X" for you Romans out there - so you can duke it out. To whomever makes comment #11, I'm sorry, but them's the rules. Better luck next time. Suck it up and walk it off and all that stuff they say in sports.

5. Uh, I guess that's it.

So, now that we've got the rules down, let's tell you what you're playing for, shall we? I can only play coy for so long. The cool thing you'll be getting for your precious little comments is this:

It's a mixtape. Well, a mix-CD but that doesn't sound as cool. 23 tracks, lovingly sequenced and culled from the worlds-famous Dylan Todd Massive Music Archive Project Initiative Thingy Project... Initiative. Each cover is hand -stitched, -titled and individually numbered for maximum collectibility. The special ingredient used is love. It's embedded in every zero and one by nanobots. That's tiny robots for those of you that aren't nerds. Tiny robots full of love. And wires. But mostly love.

It's a little thing I do for people I like - I make them mixtapes. And I like you. But only if you comment. But seriously, you'll want to comment. I make some good mixtape. My skills are legend.

So, there you go, my bid for buying your comment love. I'll post the winners when the CDs are all gone. Good luck. Let's keep it clean folks. No hitting below the belt or eye-gouging. Okay, some hitting below the belt. And maybe a teensy bit of eye-gouging. But only if it's funny.

Without further ado: Let the game begin... [I'm making that drumroll sound with my mouth and yeah, it does sort of sound like a helicopter, but I'm an artist not that guy from Police Academy that can make all those noises with his mouth, so get off my back, okay?]... NOW!

Oh, and sorry Candace, but you're exempt from this one. It wouldn't be fair, beings as we're all like romantic and whatnot. Sorry.


Caitlin said...

Am I first? I'm first! Yay, I'm a winner! I have to admit I have heard of the legend of your mixtapes and I am quite intrigued. Wait, I am a winner, right?

By the way, we had company this weekend. My excuse for my lack of comments. (Whatever. I'd like to hear everyone else's excuse...)

The Fellers said...

Yay, Shon will be so excited to get something from you! He will probably listen to the mixtape over and over...remembering his time with you!!!

Candace said...

I know I'm exempt, but I just have to say that these mixtapes are so cool! I've been able to preview it over the past week & it's an awesome one. Dylan is the mix master.

Robin said...

Okay, had to comment, because I love to win things . . . but maybe I should exempt myself also. Seriously, Dylan, would this mix tape be wasted on my old world brain? You know my music appreciation skills are VERY limited. (Do I need to remind you about my country music tear-jerkers?)

While my taste in music may be suspect . . . I love your blog (and you), so maybe that will make up for my other deficiencies.

Patti said...

Did I win? Cause I really want one. Especially since I found out you're a Bob Dylan fan. (I'm so old I saw him in concert with Joan Baez and Allen Ginsburg . . . Rolling Thunder Revue).

Well, mixtape or not, I really enjoy your blog. And your wife's blog. And that dinosaur story - now THAT was good.

Still glad I stopped by . . .

Bride said...

does this mean i get one?!! ok i know this is weird since i dont know you, but im one of caitlin's sisters (her favorite one..is that wrong?) and she gave me the head's up on your blog. i cannot resist.

Bride said...

by the way there have been numerous occasions when i laugh loudly while reading your blog. (i know this is typical) but i only fraternize with funny people.

cbhoff said...

Yes, sweet day! I get a mixed tape, I get a mixed tape, I get a mixed tape hey hey hey hey!

courtnee said...

I know this is the first time I have ever commented, but honestly, I could not pass up one of your famous mixtapes that you use to talk about at the G-A-P. I too laugh loudly when reading your blog. I miss you and your family.

Chris said...

Alright, hopefully this works. I'm on a government computer which hates blogs. But I'll have you know -- I was number six, I swear it.
Dylan, you're a mix master, that's fo sho. I'm looking forward to this one!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope I get one... I couldn't help but notice Of Montreal poking through the type + I just LOVE FREE stuff!

-J. Todd (I think there is only one J, but just incase... Jacqueline)

Jesse, Eryn, Ian, and Benjamin said...

Ok cos (how you like that: shakespeare style)

Even though I'm late to the party, you still have to cut me in. Because it's just the right thing to do. And because I'm going to tell you the name of your next really cool album: Money Mark's "Brand New by Tomorrow"

I have an excuse for being incommunicado too...i've been interviewing for jobs out in Seattle with none other than...Microsoft. We're actually moving out there in April. So lots has been going on.

Anyway, drop a line or whatever.

Talk soon,
Jesse (yes there IS another J Todd)