Another Mix

This one's another Ping-Pong mix with the Chris Haley. It's titled The Man Who Would Be Ping. Here's the artwork:

And here's the download link. If you haven't got our previous collaborations, The Ping Of Pong or it's sequel, Return Of the Ping, you can get them here and here, respectively. Enjoy it, rockerzzz.


huston/lilia said...

i'm getting a little jealous of all the mixtape attention chris haley is getting. i make mixtapes too.

jason quinones said...

me too.

the brr like totally ignores me nowadays!


(but hey...free music!)

Dylan said...

Well, if you wanna mix it up, you guys got my e-mail address, right? Hmmm? I mix with Chris because, well, Chris asked me. I would love to do the same with anybody who's interested. I won't know if you want to unless you tell me you want to, right?

And Jason, don't take it personal. I've been ignoring a lot of stuff lately. You're still my favorite Rantologer.

b3n said...


Will listen over the weekend and give my all important 2cents.

chrishaley said...

Yeah, to be fair, I came to him with the idea to begin with.. so it's my fault really.