Don't Tell Me Now

Yeah, I know. It's been a little quiet around here lately as far as real live content goes. But the fact is that things have been crazy and busy and up in the air and a little overwhelming, but now - now things are looking up.

So, anyway, I have a little time right now and thought I'd share some of my vast knowledge of knowledgeable things with you. Because you deserve it and also because I really need to think/talk about something besides politics. So, anyway, here goes:

* We (the spousal "we") watched Iron Man the other night. I had seen it in theaters. Candace hadn't seen it. Iron Man, for those of you who are not familiar, is a completely awesome movie that will rock your brains out and you should really go see it now. Go Redbox it. It'll be the best dollar you ever spent. It's a big, bright, fun, superhero movie, every bit as good as The Dark Knight, only it is, overall, better-written and acted. Yes. I said it. You know it's true. Search your heart. You know it to be true.

* And speaking of which, we (the familial "we") watched The Empire Strikes Back over the weekend. We'd tried watching it with Sadie a while back, when we introduced A New Hope to her, but I don't think she really "got" it. This time it stuck. Now it's been a while since I watched it, but I must say this: That movie is sooooo good. It's like probably the best movie ever. Anyone who disagrees, feel free to meet me by the bike rack after school. I will knock you down and steal your lunch money for speaking such blasphemy. And then Lando will swoop down out of the clouds and kick you in the stomach while simultaneously seducing your girlfriend with lines like "Truly you belong here with us among the clouds."

* And while I'm talking about Lando, I really wanted to start some Lando fan fiction after watching Empire. Is that nuts? Seriously, why are there no good Lando Calrissian Expanded Universe stories besides those Lando Calrissian Adventures books? I mean, The Mindharp Of Sharu? Are you kidding me with this? Sounds like a rejected Star Trek episode, doesn't it? I may have to have Candace chain me down soon or else Lando Calrissian In: Death Kiss! just might get written and I'm pretty sure I told somebody somewhere that they could kill me if I ever wrote any fan fiction. Which is also why I can never go to a high school reunion. I should probably keep a list of who I've told to kill me if I did something, huh?

* David Byrne recently got interviewed by the Onion AV Club about art, Imelda Marcos and his new collaboration with undisputed genius/patron saint of Awesome, Brian Eno. Read it here.

* Did you see Bill Murray on Letterman?Dude's amazing. Just in case, here's part 1 and here's part 2.

* Has anybody listened to Under the Leaves or Ripp Offf yet? And if so, what did you think?

* The Cinematheque at the Cleveland Institute of Art (aka: "CIA") is screening the Flaming Lips' much-anticipated Christmas On Mars next month. This is awesome news.

* I have an irrational and deep-seated hatred for the musical stylings of Michael McDonald and Bob Seeger. Am I alone here?

* Also, I hate that model show. What's it called again? America's Next Top Skeleton or something?

* And those Air Wick commercials, on man, I hate those things! With like the caterpillar or the geckos or the caterpillar who is married to the gecko and they have these hideous half-caterpillar, half-gecko children or whatever. Do you know which ones I mean? Man, those drive me insane.

* But you know what I love? Those creme-filled, chocolate dipped, chocolate cake things whose name is also a euphemism for male genitalia. Those things are incredibly awesome.

* Also, I love my family. I really do. They're like the best thing ever. No. Wait. They are the best thing ever. Literally.

Anyway, so there you go. And I didn't even bring up politics once. I'm proud of myself. What's been swirling around your mind? Wanna share it with the class


Patti said...


"Those creme-filled, chocolate dipped chocolate cake things whose name is also a euphemism for male genitalia."

I need to know.

Patti said...

Scratch that . . . I figured it out.

Don't make fun.

rose said...

i also liked ironman. i actually really liked it, and i wasn't expecting to like it so much. GREAT movie.

and i dislike bob seger. old time rock and roll. blech. BAD song.

b3n said...

I gave "UTL" a good listen. It's a wonderful mix. It evokes a feeling of "goldenness" in me. It's that feeling you get from certain good music that everything's gonna be alright. Silverhorse even had a song I dug in there.

As far as Ripp Offf (did I do that backwards? yes - on purpose). Dude. The mix starts out with Iggy and that doesn't - to quote Cusak in "High Fidelity" blow it's load. 'nuff said about that one.

Thanks for the post, I've been missing your updates.

Also, did you see McCain's face when Obama told old Bob that his fine would be zero? Priceless.