TIE Fighter

I'm introducing a new element to the blog today called This Is Excellent, or, TIE for short. It's basically a way for me to flag stuff I think is awesome. I wondered if I should start a new blog for something like this, but I figured this was a way to have this blog updated regularly since my whole "This blog is gonna be about Important stuff" episode a while back. So, this excellent stuff is gonna get dumped over here. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

So anyway, today's TIE comes from Portland-based designer Christopher David Ryan, aka Atmostheory. It's this poster titled "Solar System":

This Is Excellent.


GhostMane said...

This guy as a great style, we have used his style for jumping off points for some t-shirts at Ruehl. Good eye robot.

chrishaley said...

Man, excellent is right.