... And We're Back

Well, it's all over but the crying. We trekked down to the Cuyahoga County Board Of Elections tonight, kids in tow, stood in line and dropped our paper ballots in the locked boxes. Avoided those screwy Diebold machines, the insane lines and any sudden crazy weather. I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Now if I can just not completely lose my mind in the next week, we'll be doing just fine.

So, my vote is cast. Now it's your turn. If you are still on the fence (and especially if you're living in Nevada or Pennsylvania or Florida or Missouri or Virginia or Ohio) and missed Senator Obama's "Closing Argument" yesterday, please take a few minutes out from surfing the Facebookses or the Twitterses and the blogses and watch it (it's embedded below), do some non-objective research (like, say, this tax plan comparison from the Freakonomics guy), make an educated decision and then vote. And vote early. Cuz you never know.

Maybe you won't vote for my guy. Maybe you have very valid reasons for voting for the other guy that I - for all of my own biases, experiences and ideologies - just can't see. I just hope that those reasons for voting for the old guy and the woefully unprepared lady aren't something as ridiculous as something you read in a forwarded e-mail or something somebody told you or [heavens no!] some piece of half-digested nonsense you heard on Rush or Bill-O.

It's your choice, this voting thing. Make it wisely.

The Closing Argument:

Read the transcript here.


Okay, so thus ends my career as a political blogger. Seriously people, you have no idea the degree to which this election has consumed my life. It's sick. Sick sick sick.

And now that I can begin to wean myself off of the teat of American political coverage over the next week or so, I find myself looking for other things to occupy my attention. For example, did you know there's this thing called "The Sky"? And it's blue! Blue! I never knew that! Cuh-razy.

I can't promise I'll be like SuperBlogger or anything now that this is wrapping up, but I will try. I'm just a man, after all. And if there's anything you think I should be blogging about, please drop me a line and I will do my best to oblige because I have this sick desire for approval because my father didn't hug me enough as a child. (J/K Pops! Please love me! Please!)

But I digest ...

Anyway, that's it. I'm gonna go watch Fringe and hope it isn't yet another "almost better than average" episode. You stay classy, Beloved Internets.

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barlows said...

I just have to admit your use of "teat" CRACKED me up.