One More Thing...

On the ballot tonight, I voted for Frank Miller for Cuyahoga County Coroner.

For reals.


Ben (the bread winner) said...

Frank Miller---if only we could be so lucky here in Illinois to be able to vote for such candidates.

This is long but thought you might find this interesting:

On January 24th, 2007, in an interview with American radio network National Public Radio, Frank Miller talked about his political views.[3][4] On the issue of the second Iraq war, he said : "Mostly I hear people say, 'Why did we attack Iraq?' for instance. Well, we're taking on an idea. Nobody questions why we, after Pearl Harbor, attacked Nazi Germany. It was because we were taking on a form of global fascism, we're doing the same thing now." In his view, America lacks firmness against its enemies: "It seems to me quite obvious that our country and the entire Western World is up against an existential foe that knows exactly what it wants... and we're behaving like a collapsing empire. Mighty cultures are almost never conquered, they crumble from within. And frankly, I think that a lot of Americans are acting like spoiled brats." About those being fought against, Miller said "For some reason, nobody seems to be talking about who we’re up against, and the sixth century barbarism that they actually represent. These people saw people’s heads off. They enslave women, they genitally mutilate their daughters, they do not behave by any cultural norms that are sensible to us. I’m speaking into a microphone that never could have been a product of their culture, and I’m living in a city where three thousand of my neighbors were killed by thieves of airplanes they never could have built." Miller also opines that Iraq declared war on the U.S.

Ben (the bread winner) said...

oh, for credit's sake that long quote was from wikipedia

Dylan said...

I'd be inclined to agree with a lot of that if he had switched "Iraq" out with "radical Islam." The two, at least in my mind, are not interchangable.

But anyway, yeah, Frank Miller. That dude was really something back in the day. Batman: Year One is a friggin' masterpiece.