That Sound You Hear Is Me Freaking Out

This Is Excellent:

Via my cousin, Ben. All I can say is "Damn."

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Jesse said...

The most amazing thing about this show is, it completely reinvents itself from season to season. It's the same characters, the same overall arc, but it has a different thematic device propelling the story forward each season. Season 1 was all about "Where are we?" Season 2 was "Who are the others" Season 3 was "Living with the Others" Season 4 was "Getting off the Island"

Ok that explanation didn't really do it justice. Not only does each season have a different major question that gets answered (only to open up a hundred more, baby-alien style), but each season has it's own pace, tone, and feel to it. The first was all about exploration, excitement, redemption, endless possibilities. The second was a group under seige. The third was living with the enemy. The fourth was both freedom and flashFORWARDS.

Ok still not saying it right. But every season they come up with something completely new to keep it fresh and interesting. Yet amazingly it still all fits together. They open up plotlines and tidily close them up (like the crazy green beret with the bomb on his arm...major plot driving character last year, gone this, or Ana Lucia, or Charlie (!), etc. etc.

This new season looks to be about revenge, being on the run, getting back together, and kicking some arse. Course it won't be kicked until NEXT season...