More Mysticalness!

We're back with another round of Ask Ghost Rider, where we reach into the ether and pluck answers to readers "Yes" or "No" questions.

Ben asks: If a brazillion people were to simultaneously and spontaneously combust leaving only pure carbon, would you use your super strength to compress that stuff and make a diamond pendant out of them?

And his follow-up question: Then would you wear that diamond pendant on your lapel to all of your social functions, exclaiming "I made this pendant out of a brazillion people. They combusted. I smooshed the carbon into this perty little diamond. And if you think it's cubic zirconium, I'll have to cut your face."?

Keep the questions coming! GR just loves this stuff.


b3n said...

I'm a believer. There's no way GR could answer those questions any other way.

Now that I have that off my chest/answered, I can move along to more important things, like buying groceries for my family.

jason quinones said...

ghost rider you are too wise.

Mr. Philippe said...

dang ben really doesn't like people from brazil