The Beach Boys' Friends Is A Very Good Album

Chris Haley, of the reputable and recommended internet destinations Hip Today! and Destination: Blog! (and who apparently really likes exclamation marks in the titles of his blogs) has started a new blog for his new comic Let's Be Friends Again, written by the esteemed Curt Franklin with art by the aforementioned Mr. Haley.

You can check out their blog here. I designed the header. Start checking it out now so that you can look cooler than everybody else when it's made into a soulless blockbuster with dodgy special effects, a tacked-on love interest and a totally different origin story.


chrishaley said...

With such an astute understanding of both how the soulless Hollywood machine works, and a direct connection to us, you will of course be tapped to write the screenplay.

Dylan said...

Awesome. I have this really awesome car chase sequence mapped out.

And by "car chase sequence" I mean "dinosaur gladiator match in the subterranean auditoriums of Mars judged by King Elvis and his Minions of Despair."

One quick question: How do you feel about having the "Chris" character being played by Michael Cera? Or if he's busy with that movie about pilgrims or something, maybe Gary Coleman?

Have your people call my people. We'll do brunch.