Steve Sansweet, Jedi Master Of Hyperbole

Lucasfilm held a Star Wars panel at the Wizardworld Chicago comic convention this last weekend, and Lucasfilm Director of Content Management & Head of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet* was on hand to fling hyperbole like so much monkey crap:

Re: the new Clone Wars CGI movie and series: "It's going to be more cinematic than any other show on television."

Re: The Force Unleashed video game: "It's the most exciting, dramatic Star Wars game to date."

Re: the Star Wars-themed episode of Robot Chicken: "one of the great Star Wars spoofs of all time."

Wow. Congratulations, Steve Sansweet, you're now officially the the Donald Trump of Star Wars fandom.


* Is it just me or does it look like he peed his pants in that Wiki shot? He probably got overly excited because he's holding "The single most impressive TIE Fighter pilot figure of all time in the history of the world! Ever!"

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